Beloved Seduction Community Guru Gunwitch “allegedly” shot “alleged” meth whore, Amber Tripp, 20, in the face with his hand gun at a New Year’s Eve party hosted by his brother. Thankfully, Amber survived. Gunwitch sincerely regrets his actions and assures us that he has learned from this incident and will use hollow-point-bullets that mushroom on impact the next time he tries to exterminate a meth whore.

Gunwitch (real name Allen Reyes) is one of the pioneers of the Seduction Community, joining it in the late nineties. Gunwitch is good friends and business partners with Formhandle from, Neil Strauss (writer of the book “The Game”) and Barry Kirkey (AKA Extramask, 26).

Gunwitch’s actions and hatred towards women DO NOT represent the Seduction Community as a whole, just most of it.

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